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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Mummy's has been losing appetite but she was very positive.

Her smile and her ever resilient towards pain.

Her empathy towards other patients in her wards and even the maids who is taking

care of the their employee's parents.

Sis's finally break the news to mummy but she was very positive about it

and informed that she want to knows our opinion about whether she should undergo

surgery or chemotheraphy. Upon telling her all the what are the risks involved

she opted for surgery.

Will meet up with the doctors again in 6 hrs time for a last round of counseling and to know

more about mummy's conditions and what steps should be taken.

wiThouT waX ?
3:28 AM

Thursday, 01/10/2009

Meet up with the Head Doctor...All of us was given a very detail information of

mummy's condition. She either needs to undergo a major surgery but with risks or

underwent chemotheraphy.

But from the doctor body language and way of talking. It's imply they are hiding something.

Upon asking what stage it is, they can't answer it.

Finally he informed that pancreatic cancer is very uncommon in Singapore.

With prompt and appropriate treatment,

Even with surgery, about half of patients survive between 2 to 3

years. The chance of surviving to 5 years after curative surgery is about 20%.

With chemotheraphy the odds is even lower between 6mths - 1yrs..

After a while mummy's ask me when the doctor is gone.

Am i going to die soon. My guess she overheard the doctor

As i put up a brave front, i told her

Mummy, hidup dan mati di tangan Allah Swt, we will do our very

best to cure you with the help of all the doctors.

Insya Allah, all of us will do our very best to find a cure for you mummy.

We are all besides you, loving u , supporting u..

wiThouT waX ?
3:02 AM

"Do you know about your mum's condition"

This seven words still lingers in my mind even though it has been 3 days since

my ears registered it by Dr Alvin....

My deepest fear unfold when it was confirmed by him that mum has cancer.

To be exact 'Pancreatic Cancer'.

A lot of questions lingers in my mind but my brain freeze suddenly.

I look inside the ward, Love was feeding mum's lunch. I walk away from the ward,

with tears starting to build up, i called up dad and my sisters to informed them about

mummy's condition. When i walk back to mummy, i just can't bear to tell her that

she has cancer. I put up a strong face and told her that the doctor would like to

meet everyone for a family counselling.

wiThouT waX ?
2:50 AM

Sunday, June 07, 2009

A treat for Kakak by bringing her to the Zoo together with Love.......

wiThouT waX ?
6:09 AM

Michael's Last Day @ Raffles Town Club

Bringing Love to visit old colleagues and friends over at RTC....

Bro wishing u all the best.. Hope we could work together again in the same team...

wiThouT waX ?
6:07 AM

Her 1st visit...............................

The past six months has really bring a lot of changes in my life.

She has really been supporting me in whatever that i do,

making me smile and shower me with her Love....

wiThouT waX ?
5:59 AM

My Latest Indulgence

Calvin Klein

All thanks to Exbert and Cai Wen for making me spend.................................


wiThouT waX ?
5:55 AM

Been ages since i last update. Plenty of things has been happening since then.

Be it personal or work related.....

wiThouT waX ?
5:44 AM

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)


The Bottom Line

Your ability to connect with others is strong, but right now it is even stronger!

In Detail

Today will give you a wonderful chance to discover some new details

about a person you have been trying to get to know better!

They are even more interesting than you thought they were,

and the two of you are going to find a whole new common ground.

Your ability to connect with others has always been strong,

but right now you have the right attitude and the right amount

of energy required to really cement a growing relationship --

whether it's romantic or not.

wiThouT waX ?
5:08 AM

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)


The Bottom Line

Restriction never feels comfortable, but today you are going to hate any rules.

In Detail

Restriction never feels comfortable, but right now it's going to feel like

even more of a hassle than ever before. You yearn to be free and unencumbered,

and any situation that is big on discipline and structure could feel

stifling for you. If you can, try to schedule formal events for another day

-- or cancel them altogether. You'll be much happier if you can go through

this day with a great deal of flexibility. You need to be able to obey

your whims, not the rules.

wiThouT waX ?
1:57 AM

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 19)


The Bottom Line

Your prestige is growing, and a powerful person is seeing you in a brand new light.

In Detail

Your prestige is growing right now, and a powerful person is suddenly

seeing you in a brand new light. Try not to let this new level of attention

make you feel uncomfortable, though. Now is the time to step boldly

into the spotlight and make the most of this time in your life.

And if you have to fake the confidence for a while, so what?

Show people that you are worthy of the trust and respect they

are giving you, and they will give you more of it.

wiThouT waX ?
2:55 PM

Monday, December 22, 2008

22nd December 2008

An hour has passed and i am officially 28yrs......

Appreciate the birthday wishes by various methods...........

Bought a new phone as a gift for myself..........must pampered myself this year

............SAMSUNG F480...............

So what is my birthday wish.....

It is the same like all those years before......

Hopefully it will come true.........But i will work for it..............

Insya Allah..................

The Guys has plan a birthday bash for me .........................


wiThouT waX ?
12:51 AM

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Not putting much hope, but i will be glad and thankful

if were to receive the good news later at work.....................

Counting down..........................

5 more days to go................................

wiThouT waX ?
4:50 AM